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The following is a list of officially supported factions in the Dark Future. Many additional factions, not listed here, might exist active or inactive, the latter to be used only as NPCs or mentioned IC.

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Cocoon is space station orbiting around Earth, a shipping hub connecting outworld commerce with the floating cities nearer to Earth surface. A space cross-road where freighter crews, smugglers, and gangs of all kind meet in constant conflict with mega-corporations upholding balance and order.

A.R.E.S is a megacorporation that deals in Artificial Intelligence, Cybertech, Nanotech, Weapons Development, and Military Contracts. They have seen success on Mars, Deimos, Phobos, Luna, Io, Europa, and a few space stations and floating cities. Their headquarters are located on Mars. A.R.E.S also has a seat in the New Geneva Council, providing military aid and support, as well as being one of the main providers with weaponry, ships, and vehicles. Although the mega-corporation has a CEO, its identity is... (read more)



    Armitech, an active weapons manufacturer from Neu Berlin, has been active since the 2430's. Born in their industrial sector, Armitech was just one more out of many weapon manufacturers that were just a bleep on Neu Berlin's industrial complex, until one of their engineers, Adelheid Stromm, found blueprints belonging to the weaponry used during the Transcendence War era, including prototype weaponry that was never released on the field. That, in addition to salvaged weapons and samples obtained from Earth, combined with current power cells and hydrogen batteries, with that knowledge in hand, Armitech focused entirely on energy weapons, assuring a highly destructive output from plasma and laser-based weapons at half the energy cost from their power cells.

  Over the next ten years, Armitech would expand aggressively on Neu Berlin, the Dusseldorf Industrial Platform, and even Utopia. Rivaling with Matsumoto Zaibatsu, they would get involved in an Industrial Espionage scandal, when Harada Matsumoto, who had worked for Armitech, got close enough to the corporation to embezzle and negotiate deals that would take assets and profits from Armitech and would catapult Matsumoto Zaibatsu into the Megacorporation Status.
  Meanwhile, the humble engineer that was responsible for the change in Armitech's status, Adelheid Stromm, had climbed the corporate ladder and became the new CEO, after ten years of preparation.

  Today, Armitech reigns as one of the most important Euro-based Megacorporations that produce, manufacture, and distribute weaponry and cyber tech to both Security Corporations and Military Corporations.



GTT is a mega corporation primarily involved in the biotech and medical industries. It is one of the mega-corps on cocoon, owning and managing the GTT Medical Pavilion it is a company that offers medical and cloning services, develops and produces Replicants, As well as manages and deploys Trauma Team first responder services.



The prestigious Matsumoto Zaibatsu is a New-Edo based megacorporation dealing in corporate security, cyberwar, and weapon manufacturing. Started in 2435 by Kei Matsumoto as a small organization that dealt with cybertech repairs. By 2437, Matsuda would start producing its own line of cyber tech and cybernetics in general (Optics, Neural Implants Surveillance, and Security systems, et cetera), Kei Matsumoto's philosophy would drive himself to work harder than his competitors and hoped to inspire others by his devotion. Matsumoto would play to win. In mid-2440's, Matsumoto would give a leap of faith and attempt their hand in nanotech, however, the still humble organization lacked the proper personnel and means to maintain nanotech afloat and suffered their first blow, that, added to other companies rising up and even catching up with them, forced Kei Matsumoto to consider other methods, in his mind, he had to win at all costs and one more failure wasn't an option.

  Kei Matsumoto was always trying to keep ahead of the game and had a small network of spies, through this network, he caught wind that Armitech was salvaging working technology from Earth, the mythical Transcendence War-era tech could be a game-changer if done right, his son, Harada Matsumoto, would eventually work for Armitech and climb the corporate ladder until reaching a middle management position, not high enough to get him noticed, but high enough to get access to the secrets his father and his company desperately needed, the information Harada Matsumoto would obtain resulted in one of the biggest Corporate Espionage scandals in history, as Armitech and Matsumoto would face each other in Corporate Law Courthouses for several months until the case was handled privately and settled. However, the constant pressure would prove too much for Kei Matsumoto, and he would pass away due to cardiac complications, allowing for Harada Matsumoto to assume control of the corporation, and renaming it Matsumoto Zaibatsu, to reflect its new status.

  With what Harada Matsumoto considered a victory over Armitech, his new vision was to also control Security Corporations in New Edo, putting himself at odds against Rising Sun Technologies, a Corporate Security Corporation that was rumored to be financed by the Asakura Gumi, a powerful criminal syndicate led by Asakura Shinnosuke. Eventually, Matsumoto Zaibatsu and Rising Sun Technologies would agree on territory distribution, as well as weaponry distribution from Matsumoto Zaibatsu. Today, the corporation remains an important weapons manufacturer and is one of the main pillars that sustain New Edo, with shady practices and even shadier management.


New Geneva


    As the flames of the Transcendence War died out, the fledgling remnants of humanity started to rebuild. As they began strategizing for the future it was obvious that a forum for governing the scattered habitats was necessary. Habitat-0419 was a small, but a centralized hub for traffic during this rebuilding and colonization phase. It became a neutral meeting place for several corporate leaders. They all pitched in to expand this platform and build a permanent meeting space, changing the name to New Geneva. The name became synonymous with the new governing corp.

  Thanks to mutual support by its member organizations, NG boasts a large standing military. This is used to step in if corporate conflicts get out of hand. The New Geneva council may vote to impose and enforce economic sanctions against a wayward corp, enforced with the aid of SolBank. SolBank backs a common currency, and NG makes and enforces the regulations that govern interactions between the corps. The ban on Omega AIs, limits on the number of troops and types of weapons corps can have/use, and other prescriptions all come from the NG. The megacorps send delegates to the NG to represent them and vote on new regulations.

Vulca Group


Vulca Group grew out of the expansion of Habitat-0419. When the many corporations of the era banded together to fund the expansion of the hub, Edward Volk formed an alliance with fellow CEO's James Hawkwood and Ludwig Sterz. Between the three of them, their companies had a mastery of energy production, manufacturing, and urban development that placed them at the forefront of the project, earning them massive financial gains, the ire of competitors across the board, and a healthy bit of scrutiny under the New Geneva organization.

Ultimately, their success granted them the resources for aggressive business practices, as they developed a reputation for only working with equally powerful companies and cannibalizing the rest whenever possible. Rumor has it that these practices are supported by a clandestine espionage wing, however, investigation after investigation has turned up little more than negative publicity. This leads to their rebranding under the name of Vulca Group, as they expanded from energy and urban development into weapons and biotechnology with targeted acquisitions.

In the present day, their products line the streets of most cities, from street lights and waste disposal systems to prefabricated megaplexes and custom skyscrapers. In the meanwhile, their weapons find their way into the hands of private militaries, gangsters and solos, often under the names of one of their subsidiaries. Currently, the company is at the forefront of reclaiming many of the more hellish ruins on Earth, profiting from their role as gatekeepers to its many remaining resources. Many speculate that they're combing the ruins for lost technologies, heedless to the disasters that displaced mankind in the first place.




    The Asakura Gumi is a very old Criminal Syndicate, and Yakuza Family established in New Edo. Extremely conservative, the Asakura Gumi only allows for pure humans to take positions of power within the Family.

  One of their greatest feats was to replace most of the established Corporate Security Companies on their own: Rising Sun Technologies, a legal front that has allowed them to reach military contracts with different providers of weaponry and vehicles as one of the main providers of Corporate Security on New Edo.

  The Oyabun, Asakura Shinnosuke, is a man driven by goals and objectives, nearing seventy years old, it's rumored that he has started to undergo very expensive biotechnological treatments to extend his life. Although this information would very difficult be found out outside his trusted Circle of Kumichos, he continues to have a very tight grip on important operations concerning his Syndicate.

  He has never been arrested, proving he either has had a firm control and influence over Corporate Law Enforcement organizations or an extremely good team of lawyers, his maximum accomplishment came when Rising Sun Technologies was given several security contracts in New Edo, allowing himself to increase his operations and to continuously give Rising Sun small-time criminals to arrest.

  Now, on the apex of his syndicate's existence, his new objective is to make the Asakura Gumi an undisputed force in the Council of Oyabuns in Neo Tokyo, rumored to have started shady deals with smaller families to increase his own influence, as well as starting to gather incriminatory information of fellow Oyabuns, he is a man on a mission.



    DCC is an extended crime syndicate operating on several Sky Cities, Mars, Venus, Luna, and Io, with a legal face that reaches anything commerce, the Donovan Commercial Cartel experienced aggressive growth in the early 2300’s. Now, making a name for themselves as a massive commercial entity, the Donovan Commercial Cartel is rumored to have reach and influence over countless corporations in the system, while also being involved in many scandals and high profile crimes. In 2475, the Donovan Commercial Cartel saw its biggest scandal yet, when the then CEO, Alexander Donovan, was arrested under charges of Conspiracy to Commit Corporate Theft. During the trial, there were other charges being brought up, such as Extortion, Kidnapping, Arson, and several other crimes against Corporate Law. Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence collected by Corporations and Security Forces alike, and due to the Donovan Commercial Cartel’s Corporate Lawyers, Alexander Donovan was cleared of all charges.



    Once noble and gentle Dragons now ascended to Myths. The Demons, coming full circle, have shed their skins and revealed their true self. Masters of Manipulation, Assassination, and Terrorism. Embracing their dark and mythical nature, it is said that a Cult resides within, seeing themselves as much more than just criminals, they are something beyond this reality.



    The expansion of the Reapers to every known Slavic SkyCity was made successful by taking advantage of the turmoil causing humanity to flee Earth after the Transcendence War. With law enforcement thin and scattered, it ensured the establishment of their roots early on. From these hubs of illegal activity, their numbers grew exponentially by putting pressure on local neighborhoods, demanding cooperation in exchange for safety. Many young men and women viewed joining up as their only way to ensure their families remained unharmed.

  Reapers are perhaps the most well known of Scavs, harvesting everything from augmentations to bioflesh and even cyberbrains. Rumors have long circulated that they sell human flesh under the guise of farmed meat. As if the prospect of ripping tech out of living victims and selling them at markets weren't bad enough, the group supplements this primary source of income through the abduction of men and women and the forceful modifications of their bodies, to be sold as everything from sex workers to fodder for violent conflict.

  Through the last century, their operations have extended further out, and now Reapers can be found in every major sky city, port, and business hub. Sometime during the last decade, the purported second in command of the Czech mafia, Mrázek, managed to secure business contracts with the Reapers. This ensured their actions were protected wherever the Czech mafia had power and has made attempts to squash their business a more dangerous affair than ever before. With recent turmoil, they now have begun to expand into Cocoon and have their sights set on pushing out the local triads and booster gangs.



One of Xin Beijing's top functioning Triad families. This elite group in Xin Beijing's underground could argue control in nearly the whole of the city by way of sheer numbers and financial backing alone. They have a fiercely loyal following and credits by the millions. Integrating themselves into corporate society and Political positions or running the most popular nightclubs in the city, they work their way into whatever endeavor they wish while keeping their influence hidden and discreet. They are rumored to have influence in other smaller Chinese sky cities, stations like Cocoon; even as far as Xin Taipei.. supposedly.



Shadowrunners are a loose collection of hackers brought together under the same cause: exploiting and hacking of databanks and accounts within various groups in search of restricted top-secret data. Shadowrunners primarily hire themselves out as mercenary blackhats for private fixers interested in hit-and-run netrunning operations or direct flatlines to high profile subjects or anyone in-between within the shadowNET. All other sources of income are difficult to verify; however, theft of virtual currencies and information brokering are most likely among them.


Free Company


Revived from the ashes of its former glory, The Free Company has evolved with the tide of time. Now a liberation front comprised of soldiers for hire and bounty hunters, they often serve as escorts to and from dangerous areas. FC runs a salvage operation retrieving useful parts and artifacts alike from Earth. At the forefront of uncovering its history, clearing out the invasive mecha and fauna, they hope to heal our lost planet and ensure we can return home someday.


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