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X-17 Earth

After a massive surge in activity on Earth Site 0041Z, an activity that culminated in a series of powerful explosions that decimated the entire Site and caused New Geneva to proceed with contracted Megacorporations A.R.E.S and Armitech to declare it off-limits and out of bounds to non-authorized personnel. After investigations culminated, the Site was declared to have become too unstable for non-essential personnel to visit. With thousands of dead and missing from the last series of explosions, it seemed Earth Site 0041Z was sealed off.

Located on the ruins of one of the many coastal cities somewhere in the southern hemisphere, and has had very discrete migration over the past few years, owned by Vulca Group, a medium-sized corporation that had an interest in pursuing archeological and R&D operations for several decades.

However, since then, Vulca Group has abandoned the the site, leaving it to the wastes for Earthborn to settle.





Mars is the Fourth Planet within the Inner Planets in the Sol System. It is often referred to as the 'Red Planet' due to the effect of the iron oxide prevalent on Mars' surface, which gives it a reddish appearance distinctive among the astronomical bodies visible to the naked eye. Mars is a terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere, having surface features reminiscent both of the impact craters of the Moon and the valleys, deserts, and polar ice caps of Earth. Mars was the home to one of the biggest mega-corporations within the Sol System: Advanced Research and Experimental Systems (A.R.E.S) just until the end of the Martian Wars, also known as the Independence War led by the Martian Native Tribe Clans. After a successful mission sent by the Coalition of Progressive Nations (The predecessor to what is known today as New Geneva) landed on Mars, the Red Planet saw massive changes on the 2110's, Mars began its process of resurrection and saw several settlements being raised as well as planetary communication networks established throughout the centuries.

Under A.R.E.S, Mars was one of the most heavily industrialized, militarized, and controversial planets on the Sol System, Native Uprisings frequently taking place, and with an extremely strict control over the media. Citizenship is possible, and while it's still one of the strictest processes in the System, the process is no longer up to A.R.E.S, but up to the Council of Clans governing the planet. After control of the planet was gained by the Council of Clans, all active contracts to all corporations were canceled. Of note, Aegis Macrogenetics which held the longest terraforming contract on the planet is said to have lost hundreds of millions, maybe even billions of credits.

Today, under the Council of Clans, corporate presence on Mars is still possible but it is moderate. While corporations can still make a very profitable business on the Red Planet, they are heavily regulated by the active government, and they are taxed a percentage on their profits that go directly to the people of Mars.



Cocoon is space station orbiting around Earth, a shipping hub connecting outworld commerce with the floating cities nearer to Earth surface. A space cross-road where freighter crews, smugglers, and gangs of all kind meet in constant conflict with mega-corporations upholding balance and order.

Today, Cocoon is a booming business station owned and governed by Cocoon Corporation. Nobody has ever seen the owners or the corporate board of directors, who run the place through a subsidiary or outsourced megacorporations.




Hades Colony is a controversial location. It was originally one of the first settlements and holy grounds built by the members of Home One and its First Generation, under the Veerhoeven Air-Space Corporation, it was torn down and a colony named Wayfar was built instead. Drawing the ire of the Coalition of Free Martians, Wayfar was mercilessly bombed, and rumor had it, that it was the site of a nuclear detonation as well. With the arrival of A.R.E.S however, a new attempt to create a new location was carried out, this attempt was eventually named Hades Colony.

Hades Colony was a medium sized colony (Between 10,000 to 20,000 inhabitants, not counting floating population) that was not under the direct command of any corporations. In fact, corporation presence was minimum in the colony. Sometime in 2489, the Donovan Commercial Cartel was brutally massacred in the Colony by A.R.E.S forces, with rumors of a few survivors, a new organization would silently move in, the Kakusareta Akuma, also known as the Hidden Demons. While still relatively new in the colony, the Hidden Demons pushed for business opportunities for the inhabitants (As reflected by the creation of the Water Merchant Guild, and the recently instated Heavy Metal Industry). Today, Hades Colony has seen a resurgence after being rebuilt, and with increased industry and housing opportunities, it now houses over 50,000 inhabitants, it is also known to be the Hidden Demons' main base of operations on Mars.


New Geneva


As the flames of the Transcendence War died out, the fledgling remnants of humanity started to rebuild. As they began strategizing for the future it was obvious that a forum for governing the scattered habitats was necessary. Habitat-0419 was a small, but a centralized hub for traffic during this rebuilding and colonization phase. It became the neutral meeting place for several corporate leaders. They all pitched in to expand this platform and build a permanent meeting space, changing the name to New Geneva. The name became synonymous with the new governing corp.

Thanks to mutual support by its member organizations, it boasts a large standing military. This is used to step in if corporate conflicts get out of hand. The New Geneva council may vote to impose and enforce economic sanctions against a wayward corp, enforced with the aid of SolBank. SolBank backs a common currency, and NG makes and enforces the regulations that govern interactions between the corps. The ban on Omega AIs, limits on the number of troops and types of weapons corps can have/use, and other proscriptions all come from the NG. The megacorps send delegates to the NG to represent them and vote on new regulations.




Built on the remnants of Luna settlement. Luna Colony is a thriving community on the Moon’s surface aimed for the mega-rich. While Luna had been active for several years it had been adamant in opening its doors to the stations and sky cities and after Earth Site Z0014’s incident, Luna became a more sealed community, that is until 2489 where it opened its doors to everyone for the very first time.

Luna Colony sought to preserve and secure the best specimens today's society has to offer. It has one of the best orbital defense systems ever created, the complexity of our defenses allows us to mix both elegance and exotic design, with efficiency and uncanny accuracy, there has never been an intrusion in the history of this location, and there shall never be one. Some companies have established its Headquarters on the Colony, like Morpheus Management Group or Genetectic, some others just live here and work in different places.

Citizenship to Luna Colony comes with a hefty application sum plus a complete background check. This sum is non-refundable whether you get citizenship or not. However, work permits can be attainable to Cocoon denizens wishing to work on Luna via MGM and GTT




Plans for a prototype of Jadubai began before the Transcendence War, with the intent to expand the already prolific tourism industry and accelerate the nation's wealth to new heights. Every street, window, and facade proudly proclaims the sky city's opulence, and the Sheikh's own estate is littered with gold, marble, and priceless artifacts retrieved from Earth. The pristine and colorful streets and artificial oases are often covered in tourists, both citizens of the Arab Orbital Network and foreigners alike. Petty crime is typically limited to the lower-income districts, though scams out of Jadubai are increasingly prolific. News networks seldom report on these statistics.

Neo Tokyo


One of the first Sky Cities, Neo Tokyo is a bustling hub of technology. The citizens are working to constantly push the envelope for the newest and greatest tech which causes Neo Tokyo to often make breakthroughs in the technological fields.

New Edo


New Edo is a sister Sky City to Neo Tokyo, and similar in many ways. The main difference is the citizens and the common mindset among them. The majority of New Edo believe very firmly in tradition, adapting when they need to but very independent in general. This, unfortunately, can give it a bad reputation despite the Sky City's unique architecture and beauty.


New London


One of the first Sky cities and the home to the Royal British Family. As soon as the Transcendence War hit Europe, Britain had already finished this city’s construction. Currently, it is known as the capital of entertainment and business. Here you will find a mixture of individuals and corporations that make this city the popular culture mecca in the Sol System.

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New Vegas


New Vegas is the ultimate vacation spot, a sky city that has developed into a glitzy, glamorous area of pure entertainment. The biggest concerts in the galaxy, massive sports events, gambling, and their relaxed view on vices like drugs make it one of the most recognized names in the galaxy.

Nouveau Paris


Nouveau-Paris came to life after the French government lost France in the Transcendence War. Fleeing with as much as they could and thanks to the financial aid of certain companies, Nouveau-Paris was born. A city rebuilt in the likeness of XXth century Paris. Nouveau-Paris is home to the Headquarters for Alternative Technologies and other prominent French companies.


Novaya Moskva


Novaya Moskva is one of the first Colonies to be established during the start of the Transcendence War. Later evolving into the Sky City we know today. Filled with legitimate business fronts for different type of operations,Novaya Moskva is still ruled over the old вор в зако́не/vory v zakone (thief in law) law.


Neu Berlin


Neu Berlin is a Sky City that is relatively normal compared to other members of New Geneva's council. However what makes it stand out its military might, of which it is likely the largest spender on the military in the galaxy. This along with their hotly debated mandatory military service creates an environment of both power and respect.

Se Seoul


Another one of the first generation of Sky Cities, Se Seoul is particularly notable for being a hub of industry. Se Seoul creates nearly everything that is mass-produced in the galaxy, which creates a unique situation that allows them to exist in a morally gray area, despite their reputation for poor working conditions.

Xin Beijing


Also among one of the earliest sky cities to create salvation from Earth, Xin Beijing is renowned for its technological advances in the medicinal field, among others. It boasts one of the largest populations of citizens and denizens alike to make it a bustling hub for Megacorporations in trade, business, and of course; crime. Notable Triad families control the underground and black market in this huge city, giving it an air of danger among its cloak of prosperity and fortune.


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