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Sep 17, 2022
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[Ciellu OOC thoughts and words] the fire of the drum barrel flickered, the flames heating up the room well. the whole place was still trashed from her little outburst, broken table in the middle of the living area. claw marks over the walls and other furniture. the small mutant sat on a chair next to the fire. knees folded up and her single arm wrapped around them. staring at the fire her thoughts ran rampart but before it became to chaotic in her head a bleep sounded. a comm device lit up a call from someone she had not spoken to in a while. Ciellu picked up the device and answered, making her usual insect chittering. "Ciellu talking." [???] "how yas doin red one? arm still treating you well?" the voice sounded like a man that had smoked pipe since birth. deep and groggy. [Ciellu] "arm gone. broke in fight" [???] "wadda yas mean broke...da was quality chromes ya dingus. look show ye pa how bad it is." [Ciellu] "old pa stop talk, Ciellu not in mood." *beep* laying away the device she sighed thinking back on the words said in front of the frog princess. sure she was not the cause for the beast's appearance, but she let it escape. she failed, broke the promise she made to her sister. "Ciellu deserve punch in face...." she said to the empty room wanting those thoughts out of her head for a second, yet those thoughts flooded back fast. hunting down the beast was in her mind, the only way to redeem herself. either by bringing back her family. or being killed by the one she failed. deep down she knew that if it was just her. the latter was likely to happen. her eyes shot open as a new thought entered her head. "Nagi" she whispered softly. when the mutant set her first steps on the surface of earth it was the first being she met. "Ciellu wonder what Nagi up to." her eyes back to the flickering light. warming up nicely from the heat of the flame. eyes staring to the fire still as she stood up. slinging her newly acquired sniper on her back, though not sure what good it would do with only one arm. hat on her head as she exit the small warehouse she called home. it was time for another chance at redemption, time for another hunt.


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