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Mr. Redeyez
Apr 08, 2022
In ShadowNET
[After hitting play, the sound of light static and feedback can be heard, followed by upbeat and distorted guitar riffs. After the last note rings out, a voice which sounds of multiple voices in different pitches can be heard speaking in unison.] Ladies, gentlemen, brothers, sisters, chums and choombas of the shadow net and the Sol System, this is RedEye Radio! I'm your host... Daimyo Redeyez!... Mr. Redeyez still works, just thought I'd change my handle and presence here up a bit, long story for another time behind it, but enough about that... I just wanna say fucking hell, it's been a while since I've last fired up my equipment here and sent out another broadcast. Lots of shit went down since the last installment, been meaning to return to the studio for a while here but hands have been tied a bit, given some crazy circumstances that Mars was even affected in. I've even had a recorded interview I had planned to broadcast around the time of the infamous Pulse incident during the Jericho crisis but due to the aforementioned circumstances, I chose not to broadcast out of personal reasons and to not add any more unnecessary fuels to any fires that were raging at the time, as much as I know some of you would've loved to hear it. Despite all of that, we've pulled through and the rumor mill's been slow (as far as submitted information goes) but we here at Redeye Radio have some good news to cover and share so let's get on with it!... Most of what we have to cover is for those who love to hear the latest on that slice of underground night life! Lizzie's in Hades Colony, Mars has underwent a change in management and based on recent business, the new crew running the show have been doing a nova job! Make sure you swing by and show the new staff some love and support, have a dance, a drink, whatever other good stuff you do at the clubs!... Speaking of clubs, there's a new joint that's opened up in Cocoon Station and the entrance can be found in OldTown! Name of this "new" spot is the Purgatory and rumor has it that the spot's been there for some time and word of mouth of it's existence has been reaching those in discreet circles these last few days and it's recently opened it's doors to music, live performances, and a spot to conduct discreet business, whatever that may be, over a drink or two. I have yet to check this place out myself but I have sources that do indeed confirm it's existence and location so I'll soon hop on a shuttle back to station and see it for myself. Also on the topic of new places opening it's doors, the Crucible Tournament that's been held on Mars has found it's new home, put together by the Raptors crew! They call this little number Crucible City and they've opened their doors to all of Mars, built in an old underground outpost! This new underground city comes complete with street vendors of various wares, a clinic, a club, and a new arena where future Crucible Tournaments will be held from here on out! If you ever find yourself exploring Mars surface, happening upon the settlement of Al Sad, you'll find the doors that lead to this underground city there! Last and certainly not least, I've recently announced the opening of the all new Redeye Lounge! The lounge is situated in the Red Light District of Hades Colony, Mars, coming complete with a dispensary, serving the best in Martian grown cannabis, imported from the agriplexes and some grown in house! In the back of this spot, you'll find a little tattoo parlor in which the legendary Sanagi works out of, providing fresh irezumi styles, as well as a workstation for all of you techies and ripperdocs. Both of these are open to those with tattooist, techie, and ripperdoc skills to make their own appointments and commission work out of! Come on down and perhaps I'll be seeing you soon! With this announcement of the lounge comes another announcement, right before we wrap this broadcast up. The Redeye Lounge and Redeye Radio are proud supporters of the Hades Fight Club! Tomorrow, April 8th, at 4 PM local time ((SLT)) we will observe the 2nd round of this fight club, courtesy of a collaboration between the Demons and Free Company, on the same roof tops as last time! This round will also be open to all participants, regardless of their solo status and affiliations to any groups and companies! No gear, no lethal tactics, no chimera shit, just all around fun and letting steam out in the cages and minimum bets placed are going at 1000 creddies! Be there and I shall see you all again soon with coverage on this event as well as footage! And this wraps up this installment of RedEye Radio! Leave your thoughts in the comments below and if you have any shout outs or news you want the rest of the Shadow net to hear, drop them in the encrypted line below. Thanks for listening and so long, space cowboys, street sammies, and all you chummers! [Audio cuts out, stopping playback.] ((If you have details and things you wanna see in future RedEye Radio posts, message me in world @ thatguy1013 Resident or DM me in Discord @ BasedET#9534!))
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Mr. Redeyez

Mr. Redeyez

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