Playable Races

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Humans (Baseline / Augmented / Clones)


Racial Data

Humans haven't changed much over the course of a few centuries. They are adaptive; genetically, ideological, and socially diverse, and comprise most of civilization.

Life Span

120 years

Allowed Avatar Types

Humans can have cybernetic augments for their limbs and faces.

Vital organ or spinal replacements will categorize a Human a Cyborg.

Types of Humans

Baseline: Non-augmented. Relies heavily on external tech.

Augmented: A human that has cyber-implants to help with daily life.

Mutants (Spliced / Mods)


Racial Data

In the 25th Century, humans have taken on physiological alterations by way of environmental changes and triumphs in genetics. Rarely are any of these mutations evolutionary in biological benefit.

Life Span

120 years

Allowed Avatar Types

Mutated Humans are allowed the following physical alterations.

Up to Four Humanoid eyes.

Elven Ears, Fangs. Neko, Viera (Bunny) ears and tails.

Exotic skin Patterns and Color.

One pair of horns.

Mutants can have cybernetic augments for their limbs and face.

Vital organs or spinal replacements will categorize a Mutant as a Cyborg.

All other physical alterations are prohibited.

Types of Humans

Spliced: By way of costly biotech procedure.

Radiant: By consequence of deformation from the radioactivity or experimentation.

Cyborgs (Mortally Augmented)


Racial Data

In comparison to an Augmented Human, Mutant, or Replicant, Cyborgs take on the heavy reconstruction of their organic physiology to an extent where their cybernetic implants become essential for their mortality.

Life Span

140 years

Allowed Avatar Types

Cyborgs are heavily cyber-augmented Humans, Mutants, or Replicants.
Vital organs or spinal replacements will categorize an organic being as a Cyborg.
Cyborgs can carry over Mutated features.

Types of Humans

Organs: This includes a brain, nerves, and spine augmentation attached and controlled by a processor.
Limbs: Replaceable arms and legs. These parts can be exchanged and upgraded on-demand and fashioned as the individual likes.
Weapons: Limb augments can also be fitted for weapon-use, such as arm-blades.

Synth (Robots / Androids)


Racial Data
Synths are completely machine and code; purpose-built constructs compelled by programming to carry out specific tasks. Physically, they tend to have the form best suited to their objectives. While most AIs are relatively simple-minded, the explosion of technological advancement has given rise to artificial intelligence that rival and or may even surpass that of a human.

Life Span
20 years

Allowed Avatar Types
Humanoid built Synths are most common.
Fully Metal-based Robot.
Androids with human-like, "FeelSof" bio-skinning.
Hovering droids with or without hologram projecting.
Spider-limb droids.

Classes of Synth
[Alpha Synths] are self-aware, free-willed machines. They are the most "human" in AI coding. Due to lingering concerns regarding sentient AI, ownership of Alphas is strictly limited to corporations.

[Beta Synths] are not self-aware but are intended to mimic it. High-end models are capable of socializing well enough, but their personalities tend to be static. Beta-class AIs are the most common.

[Gamma Synths] are capable of accepting verbal instructions and carrying out complex tasks but are not designed with social interaction in mind. These are the stereotypical robots of classic science fiction.

[Omega Synths] are malevolent, transcendent, hive-minded AI capable of potentially unlimited self-improvement, replication, and network. This is a NON-PLAYABLE classification.


Replicant (Bioroid / Designer)


Racial Data
Replicants are bioengineered humans that have been genetically tailored to perform specific tasks and implanted with artificial memories to help anchor their personalities and give simulated life experiences to draw upon when performing their functions. In order to keep Replicant population under control in all environments, all Replicants are created to be infertile.

Life Span
140 years

Allowed Avatar Types
Replicants appear to be identical to Humans.
Replicants can have cybernetic augments for their limbs and face.
Vital organs or spinal replacements will categorize a Replicant as a Cyborg.

Types of Replicants
Bioroid: Assembled in mass-produced facilities and birthed directly into adulthood
Designer: By guided traits of human-DNA splicing and rapid growth in artificial wombs more akin to cloning processes.



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