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Interlink System is the official Roleplay System of the Dark Future. The system lets you roleplay how you like, whether if you prefer story-driven Freeform, fast-paced Meter-based, or tabletop-styled Dice RP.


Interlink also rewards you automatically while you RP with others. In-game money (credits) act as a slimmed-down version experience points (XP) which can be used to earn vehicles, weapons, gear, body mods or some of life's best luxuries in the Dark Future. All of your character stats and progression are saved to the cloud by the second.


Attach the "Interlink OS Update" In your inventory and unpack it's contents on touch. You will have a HUD called "Interlink OS Setup HUD" now available to attach. This HUD will allow you to create your character.

Interlink th.png


Your character's name, as it will appear on your titler.


Select the birthplace and background of your character.


Click finish to save your character to the cloud.


Choose between Human, Mutant, Replicant, Cyborg, or Synth.


Select your character's current family status.


Enter your character's age.

Advanced Setup

This option is only for Dice RP. Clicking this will show all the skills and attributes you can customize.

Now that your character is compiled, attach the "Interlink OS HUD" from your inventory, then click the >stats button on your System HUD. Your titler will show your name and your character sheet in nearby chat.

In the event that you're not satisfied with the way your character turned out, you can always reset your character in the Interlink OS HUD by clicking the "person" icon.


Upon attaching the "Interlink OS HUD," you will automatically be in Freeform mode, and the HUD will show the following below:



This button allows you to view your credits and send them to another player.


The stats button will show your character stats privately in nearby chat.


The Freeform button shows t­­­he current mode you're in. Clicking it will allow you to cycle RP modes between Meter, Dice and back to Freeform.

Freeform is the main roleplay mode in the Dark Future. This focuses primarily on story progression.


The ooc button allows you to toggle your status between In-Character and Out-Of-Character.

The player button opens a menu that allows you to use up to three character slots. There are also gear set loading and saving options here, but we'll cover more on that below in the Dice mode of the HUD.

The shortcut button opens a menu with quick command options. A full listing of the HUD commands can be seen at the end of this page.


This button opens a tutorial menu. While this guide teaches you how to use the HUD, the tutorials in-game dives into deeper topics such as your stat sheet, the variety of activities that can earn you credits and much more.



You should now see HP and EN on your HUD. This is your health and stamina, which can recover over time.


Being hit by meter weapons will decrease your HP, while running will deplete your EN. Crouching absorbs damage to EN until it drains completely.

If you get knocked out, a nearby player can revive you by pressing their >heal button. Otherwise, you'll get back up after 2 minutes.

Meter is usually the go-to mode against scripted-NPCs spawns.



Dice mode also shows HP and EN. Unlike Meter, HP and EN does not recover over time.

Dice combat is slower-paced and uses skills you setup earlier through the >roll menu for combat.


The end button replenishes your EN and signals the end of your turn in Dice Combat.



At the bottom of the HUD you will see four weapon slots on the left. Clicking on one of these slots will show your weapon Inventory in nearby chat, and a window prompt to type in what you would like to equip for Dice Combat.

It's important to keep in mind that Dice equipment does not effect Meter mode, and visa versa.



The latter four slots allows you to equip gear for Dice combat in a similar process. Unlike weapons, the HUD does not allow duplicate equipping with gear.

Gear is a very important part of Dice combat. Different setups will heavily effect your overall stat build.

Dice is usually the go-to mode for PvP and numerous credit earning activities.


Here is the full listing of the commands you can type in nearby chat for the HUD.



Typing this with text will make your character emote in nearby chat. /4 commands also track your RP Activity Hours, which can then be exchanged for credits at ATMs in-game once a week.


Causes your character to talk in nearby chat.


This command is for storyteller narrating in nearby chat. It's also useful for emulating a nearby NPC's dialog during a scene.


Send a text message on the shadowNET (deep web) comms. Your character's Alias will show here.


Typing this command will toggle shadowNET comms on or off.


Set your character's Alias to show in the shadowNET comms and area.

/9name x

Change your character's name. This can be useful for posing as an NPC.


Hide your character name on your titler.


Show your character name on your titler.


Rep negates once per hour while roleplaying in-game.


Rep increases once per hour while roleplaying in-game.


Spawn into the cyberspace area.


Leave cyberspace and return (your character's consciousness) to your last location.


Enter text for titler in window prompt.

/9afk x

This command shows text on your titler while you are OOC status.


Shares your character sheet in nearby chat for other players to see.


Shows current daily quest counter.


Calls the vehicle spawner to your location.

/9color x

Change system color scheme by name or lsl code
[ rose / red / orange / gold / champagne / yellow / green / mint ]
[ cyan / sky / blue / purple / magenta / pink / white / gray / black ]