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General Rules

The rules apply to everyone, roleplayers and staff alike. Failure to familiarize yourself with them on a regular basis is not a valid excuse for violating them.

For the most part, we leave it up to you to sort out your own disputes with another player and mute them if things escalate. If harassment continues after that, moderation can weigh in on the issue with evidence to issue suspensions or bans.

With that all said just roleplay fairly. Story comes first. Don't be a jerk. Wear the Titler and HUD when IC.

  • Be excellent to each other. Don't be a jerk. Don't be a bigot. Don't harass roleplayers.

  • No pushing, cagers, orbiters, gestures, excessive sounds/particles.

  • Don't force permanent actions on another character without consent.

  • Don't use OOC knowledge to drive your character. They should have thoughts different from yours.

  • Don't thought-post other characters to avoid consequence. It's a good way to brand yourself as a jerk.

  • Don't be a Mary-Sue. A good rule of thumb is to play a character with two very distinctive flaws.

  • Don't bot alt-accounts on the sim for credits. Don't make alts to pass on starting funds.

  • Don't exploit bugs. It's a sure way to get banned. The system logs everything.

  • Don't kill-steal NPC hunts.

  • “Multi-Clienting” to portray multiple characters in a single roleplay scene is prohibited.

  • Check the Race page for each allowed avatar type.

  • No mecha, supernatural, angels, demons, aliens, oversize, child, loli, paws, fully-furry/anthro avatars.

  • Neko and Viera are allowed. (Cat and bunny furry ears and tails).

  • Only one tail is allowed.

  • These rules apply to the entire sim, including cyberspace.

  • Keep in mind that there are IC-consequences for IC-nudity.

  • No child/under-aged characters. The youngest playable age is 18 years old.

  • Domestic animals and drones can be pets. Chimera, exotic, wild and farm animals cannot.

  • Don't use your pets as spies, weapon systems or chat relays. They're companions at most.

  • Rentals are first come, first serve. We don't do trades or reservations.
  • You can only rent one place at a time. This isn't Monopoly. Rentals are limited. Be fair.
  • If you're not roleplaying a few days a week, give your rental up for someone else who is. They could really use it.
  • If you're only on sim every few weeks to pay rent, chances are we might refund you after a while for the above reasoning.
  • Overdue rentals will be returned after 24 hours of not being paid automatically.

  • Refunds are not issued if you are suspended or banned.

  • Vehicles are provided through the RP system and are based around the sim's lore.

  • Renters are allowed to rez their own modern or futuristic vehicles within a 100LI limit.

  • As the sim is heavily urban-based, military vehicles such as tanks are not allowed

  • Always pick up your vehicle after use if you are a renter. Your rental will be refunded if you forget to do this.

  • Anyone can make their own player-factions and groups at will.

  • Business rentals can be used as faction bases.

  • You're encouraged to make your own gangs or security enforcement.
PvP Rules
  • Communication is key. An OOC conversation prior to initiating any type of combat can do wonders.

  • Posting the intent to do combat is always required before initiating combat with a player. This includes Keylog attempts.

  • When starting an RP combat scene, the defender gets the choice of Freeform, Meter, or Dice.

  • As mentioned in Consideration, it is up for negotiation on what mode each participant settles on.

  • By default, we encourage Freeform RP where possible. Basic d100 can always dictate story-driven combat too.

  • The defender may choose to flee from combat if they do not wish to engage in PVP combat.

  • In order to flee from a fight, there must be a reasonable path for escape. If there are no reasonable paths of escape, the defender may choose FTB (Fade To Black).

  • FTB to end combat is considered forfeit. Your character needs to play to consequence such as knock-out or serious injury if you do this.
  • Don't use defender's choice to instigate a fight in your favor. Remember, we're here for story, not to be a competitive jerk.

  • If you're going out of your way to do this, you'll be considered the aggressor and the player on the receiving-end, the defender.

  • Dice gear can be changed prior to initiating combat. Be sure to make a post to indicate this clearly.

  • Melee and Small Arm weapons can be equipped prior to initiating combat as well. This is played as being drawn from a concealed state.

  • Losing may lead to knock-out and serious injury, but ultimately it is up to you how your character's story will end.

  • Your character cannot be captured, permanently maimed, killed, or otherwise suffer fatal injury without your consent

  • RRTL is meant to protect players from unwanted RP. It does not give you the right to power-game serious consequences.

  • It is important to note that in some circumstances your consent can be given through the actions of your character. If your character does something exceedingly foolish that would be certain to result in their demise, that would be considered consent for death.