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Transcendence War Timeline

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    The creation of the Coalition of Progressive Nations or CPN, took place in the early 2030's, advocating for full removal of moral barriers for cybernetic and biotechnological research and experimentation, with means to open the doors to nano-technological research and applications. Meeting with opposition from the United Nations, the world was split into two forces, comprised of several nations, that saw progress in different lights. The United Nations were convinced they could look at the new coming century with a conservative eye, while the Coalition of Progressive Nations were convinced that the increase in population and the discovery of new diseases and genetic disorders made further research imperative if they were to save humanity from extinction. Proposals for additional habitation units turned floating cities are cleared by both the UN and the CPN, the first Floating City would be active in the coming decades.

  As support for the CPN was growing, the United Nations started to strengthen their defense capabilities. Budgets for military research and deployment were approved left and right, the CPN, not counting with the same traditionalist and conservative support the United Nations had, were approached by an unexpected ally: Commercial Entities that were more than eager to see the moral barriers being torn down to support further experimentation and approval of what later would be known as the Human Augmentation Project, an initiative that proposed human experimentation being brought back, although this time with willing volunteers from different strata of society. As a response to the UN increasing its defense capabilities, the CPN did the same.

  UN Secretary-General, Antonino Vitelli, delivers his address to the world, "In Defense Of The Human Way", in which he condemns the CPN for both their inhumane proposals and their way of life. Claiming a sacred way of life, Vitelli gets the support of all of Latinamerica, who still view themselves as conservative countries, but on an unexpected turn of events, he loses most of the countries of the Middle East, as they claim Secretary-General Vitelli was acting like a bigot. UN Undersecretary Radovan Dracul travels to Dubai, to hold an emergency meeting with representatives of these countries, and he pleads with them for understanding. The negotiations never take place as UN Forces are discovered making a move for the city, while on the other side, CPN Forces start to move as well, leading the first massive conflict that would lead to a set of events that would prove catastrophic for the UN. The death toll: 750,000 deaths, over three times the number of missing, and massive damages to the city that was declared lost in the end. As a result, these countries not only leave the UN, but apply and are accepted into the CPN.



As things continue to look bad for the UN, Deputy Undersecretary Charlotte Watson, travels to Cuba and declares the installation of the first fully automated Oceanic Grid Defense System (OGDS), a barrier that would detect friend or foe on the sea, and the air. While the initial response and reaction from CPN is of expected outrage due to the limitations in commerce, and the assault on individual countries and their sovereignty, the UN states all they are doing is protect their allies.

  The OGDS malfunctions, activating its defense systems on an oncoming French cruise named "Utopie", the laser grid completely destroys the ship and leaves no survivors. International outrage falls upon the UN, as France openly demands the resignation of Secretary-General Vitelli and the dismantling of the OGDS, as they deem it far too dangerous to leave it operational, least they abandon the UN too. Before the Secretary-General can make an address on the matter, he is found dead in his home, holding a pistol. Despite the suspicious circumstances of the event, the UN goes on ahead naming Radovan Dracul as the new Secretary-General to the United Nations, Secretary-General Dracul, however, refuses to dismantle the OGDS, claiming that corrections and repairs were all that was needed. As a result, France removes itself from the United Nations, and within the year, is invited to join the CPN instead.

  The CPN announces the creation of armed satellites for their protection, dubbed the Satellite Defense Network. Each satellite is assigned an Artificial Intelligence that is controlled by a human operator on Earth. The corporations involved in the construction and outfitting of these satellites are Zaibatsu Cybernetics from Japan, Armed Technologies from Germany, and Golden Phoenix Armaments from China. CPN Vice-Chairman Matsumoto announces a new age in the defense of sovereignty and individual identity in the world. CPN also unveils the first fully synthetic battalion, simply dubbed as "Alpha Battalion" that works in interaction with the Satellite Defense Network also in place. This represents a major victory for the CPN as they proclaim no loss of human lives in future conflicts.



UN Secretary-General Radovan Dracul, proclaims the existence of Project AP, being successfully tested in Mexico. [Rest of the entry too damaged to read]

  Details of what Project AP really is being leaked to the public by an unknown source. Project AP takes inspiration from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse of biblical fables, the project involves turning human beings into artificial intelligence with military capabilities. General outrage and backlash are experienced for the UN's hypocrisy. Secretary-General Dracul evades all questions about this matter, issues a gag order against all media, and releases his address "Revealing The Truths Of Progress" to the world, in which he openly accuses the CPN of sabotaging and releasing false information to the public concerning Project AP just to create public unrest. The address is incendiary and it immediately causes many reactions around the globe. Dracul ends his address by demonizing both the CPN, the corporations that follow them, and the countries that left the UN to join the CPN.

  The CPN declares border shutdown to all UN countries. All countries under CPN's allegiance forbid the entry to immigrants, residents, and citizens to countries under UN allegiance. To many people, more than half the world is off-limits. The UN responds in the same way, causing a short period of isolationism that would last five years.


Radovan Dracul, having ended his period as Secretary-General, remains in the UN Council as Special Advisor, retaining much of his political pull. Under his influence, military research continues, although most of their projects remain classified. Project AP is one of the projects that remain active under his direction and knowledge. Mexico's northern state of Baja California is picked as the facility that will test Project AP. James Dustgale, an engineer working in the project, is chosen to work solely on the War Module. The Project as a whole is set under the supervision of Dr. Hope [Rest of the entry too damaged to read].

  Project AP makes a breakthrough thanks to Dustgale's efforts. The first documented Alpha-Class AI is officially unveiled to have been the War Module, naming itself as Koros. With a curiosity level almost similar to a human, it is deemed ready for the next step. Dustgale's mind and Koros AI are mixed and combined into a chassis. Soon, the entire facility is being run and overseen by the new AI that elects to call itself simply Koros. Each of the four modules are deemed specialized for one particular task: War for tactical operations and defense strategies. Pestilence would be in charge of biochemical research and implementation. Famine was to better administrate food supplies and delivery to countries of difficult access. Death acted as a failsafe and governed over the other three, the only one to have a human chassis. As the volunteer for the AI implantation had passed away before the process, Hope herself volunteered for it. Project AP is deemed as a complete success, and soon they are deployed on the problematic country of Colombia, where the government had just suffered a coup d'etat. The four AI's restore order and transition to a new government in 72 hours.

  CPN Chairman Vladislav Fedorov passes away due to heart failure. However, the advanced Medical Protocols in Moscow show that a foreign substance resided in the Chairman's body and caused his heart to give in. With the CPN in turmoil, Takeshi Matsumoto ascends and takes the position of CPN Chairman, immediately condemning the UN and accusing them of engineering the assassination of the previous Chairman. Matsumoto issues an ultimatum: Either the UN ceases their attacks on the CPN and the countries under their banner, or the UN faces war. At the same time, the CPN launches "Home One", a team of colonists to land on Mars and colonize it, hopefully turning it into a second home. The team is not expected to return to Earth.




Tensions escalate as UN Operatives are found attempting to establish a Forward Operating Base in the ruins of Dubai. France also denounces the presence of UN Operatives in their country. A summit sponsored by Moroi Industries, a neutral, Romania based, mechanical corporation. The objective of the summit is to bring the leadership of both the United Nations and the Coalition of Progressive Nations together and avert war. CPN Chairman Matsumoto is poisoned during the summit, and alarming accusations of sabotage emerge once again. The disastrous end of the summit escalates tensions even more, as it's revealed that the CPN's Satellite Defense Network has been increasing in numbers and mobility capabilities, as well as armament, the UN pre-emptively authorizes the release of Project AP for open engagement.

  UN secrets are leaked on to the Internet and news agencies, this causes a general and widespread panic in the United Nations, desperately issuing gag orders to news agencies and attempting to publicly debunk all the secrets released. UN Special Advisor Radovan Dracul disappears from his residence and all fingers point out to the CPN, claiming a complex kidnapping operation. Without evidence, however, the UN statements are not well received by the global community. Fearing more action by the CPN, the new Secretary-General to the United Nations approves War Unit Koros to be connected to the UN's Military Defense Systems. From this moment onwards, the human decision is mostly removed from military operations for the UN.

  These operations are seen as a declaration of war by the CPN, and they deploy their Alpha Battalions to key positions, as well as the mobilization of the Satellite Defense Network. The defensive maneuver is perceived as a direct threat by Koros, and the UN officially starts the hostilities with a nuclear Detonation in Spain, affecting a part of France. The Alpha Battalions, in constant communication with the Satellite Defense Network, retaliate with Orbital Laser Attacks in Canada and the northern states of the United States.




Radovan Dracul re-appears under the CPN, has been working in secret with the Armed Technologies corporation, later, it's discovered he also had ties to Moroi Industries, the corporation that held the summit where CPN Chairman Matsumoto had been poisoned. Radovan Dracul was set to earn tens of millions of credits per month of work for the CPN, however, the incident with Chairman Matsumoto put a damper to that. Put under scrutiny and investigation, Radovan Dracul is freed after eight months, determining that the poisoning was accidental. Leaving many to wonder just who was supposed to get poisoned at the summit.

  The Alpha Battalions become self-aware, taking over the operations of the Satellite Defense Network, they decide with little to no human intervention, that key locations belonging to the UN were classified as threats, in response, War Unit Koros takes full control of the war machines and systems belonging to the UN, as both sides engage in a war of unprecedented destruction, as both sides of the conflict see the results, horrified and frantic to try to stop it, they are unable to appeal to each side.

  The UN and the CPN, at least the human element of both organizations, agree to a complete and absolute ceasefire, however, the engagement between the Alpha Battalions, the Satellite Defense Network; and the War Unit Koros in full control of the UN's arsenal wouldn't stop. For the next several months, countless countries all over the globe are devastated by the ongoing onslaught and destruction. Finally, both the UN and the CPN order the planetary evacuation of all their territories. Thousands of ships depart Earth almost daily for weeks with the hopes of reaching Luna, Mars, or Floating Cities that were out of range of the deadly weapons.




    Having abandoned Earth successfully, the remainder of humanity settles itself on Floating Cities, Space Stations, Mars, or Luna. The UN and the CPN ceased to exist long ago, or any form of human government for that matter. The Corporations that had supported the CPN evolved through mergers and renames into the most powerful Megacorporations that exist nowadays, acting as the new rulers and governors of human life. The small hub city Habitat-0419 quickly became a neutral center for commerce and communication between these corporations, who agreed to pool their resources together to expand the city. The Triumvirate responsible for the project's completion would later be known as Vulca Group.

  Descendants of key figures in the UN opted to form a new body of government, hoping to replicate the UN of the past, but with little resources and even less support from the people, they decide to create a Council of Ruling Corporations instead, dubbing it New Geneva, each Megacorporation would have one representative in their Council, the first ruling is to spread the rumor that planet Earth was completely irradiated and life was not possible anymore.

  Luna and Mars become only the first big additions to humanity, with the Outer Planets on the sights, Megacorporations start drawing plans for colonization beyond the Asteroid Belt.

  Learning from their mistakes, New Geneva releases the AI Classification Chart, classifying AI into Gamma, Beta, Alpha, and Omega. Determining that Gamma and Beta class AI's could be publicly owned, Alpha class AI's could only be owned by Corporations, and Omega class AI's were to be terminated on the spot. The first cases of Rogue AI's take place and public opinion favors the classification provided by New Geneva



    Massive advances in Biotechnology and Genetics allow for the creation of Replicants. With Clones being a success in the early 21st Century, the next step in artificial evolution came to exist, Replicants are genetically tailored humans that can be modified to the client's taste. This causes New Geneva to also set regulations for Replicants: They must either gain meaningful employment or be owned by someone with meaningful employment.

  New and bizarre mutations start to appear on humanity, from skin pigmentation to strange pupils, and even accelerated hair and nail growth. All documented mutations seem to only exist in external appearance. Rumors of mutants residing on the surface of Earth are easily dismissed as lies, although occasionally, rumors from ships making it to Earth and seeing human settlements are heard. Megacorporations use Earth as a landfill to discard faulty products. This is done so New Geneva has eyes and ears on Earth's orbit at all times.

  Advances in Cybernetics and Augmentation are also achieved, as humans can replace virtually any part of their body and increase their proficiency with the said part. Development of Nanotechnology is started, but the first and most important barrier could never be surpassed for effective Nanotechnology Augmentations, at least not yet: The adequate genetic imprint.



    Unrest grows as well as discrimination against Mutants, seen as inferior to humans, or defective even, some Colonies report lynching and the execution of mutant communities. Added to the sentiment, the distrust in Augmented Individuals, as conservative communities see Augmented Individuals as people who betrayed humanity and rejected their own bodies.

  A nuclear reactor collapses in Nouveau Normandie, after ruling it as sabotage, a cell of heavily augmented individuals and synths are blamed, increasing the distrust and hatred towards Synths and Augmented. New Geneva is forced to issue a statement on the matter: Ruling out that Corporate Law Enforcement Agencies have the right to destroy Rogue Synths on sight, and to properly judge Augmented Individuals as terrorists if caught.

  Vulca Group, a Megacorporation dealing in Research and Development for both civil and military applications, start to secretly work on a project involving Earth and survivors of the Transcendence War, whether this is done with New Geneva's knowledge or not, remains to be seen, but for the next couple of centuries, Earth would be a black bag operation for the corporation, kept under utmost secrecy. Over the next few decades, Vulca Group would be granted a seat at the New Geneva Council.


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